Our goals

The construction of the new stadium
We, the initiative group Sporter, supported by NGO Forum, are asking at the Moldovan state to build a Republican stadium on its old place or in a new one, in radius of Chisinau municipality.
The transparency of the decisions
We ask the people, who are responsibles for each step of the sale or of the construction of the new stadium, to ensure transparency in their businesses for the sake of all inhabitants of Republic Moldova and also for all those who are interested.
The development of the project
Already now it should work on the project of the new stadium. Finding a new place for the stadium, allocating a plot of land, the formation of the spending plan and the designing of the future stadium.
Attracting the investors
If the state does not have the budgetary means for building of the new sports complex, we insist that the state, on a competitive basis, select the people interested in building the stadium (one person or more).